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Open Ocean Boundary Condition for ADCIRC

Chris Blount

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I developed a grid for the Arabian sea including the Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, and Persian Gulf with a radiation boundary connecting the Gulf of Aden to the Red Sea. And my open ocean boundary condition has been a straight line following first 10°N and later I tried 9°N. When trying to use the LTEA toolbox, I couldn't keep a stable run near the corner where the boundary and Horn of Africa meet. I've tried using the wavelength to grid size ratio and the topographic length scale criteria too; this stays stable, but gets bad results in the same area. Since I'm only using meteorological forcing, I've patterned it after the Hurricane Isabel test on the ADCIRC site and left the ocean boundary condition with a 0 amplitude. I've also tried radiation and zero normal velocity gradient boundary conditions, but those are worse than the ocean boundary with 0 amplitude.

So, (1) which boundary condition should I use when I don't force the simulation without tides, and (2) should I use a different geometry for the boundary? If I use a semi-circle boundary created in SMS, then it extends the boundary much further than I'd like it. I'd have to create an arc some other way.


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