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Can SMS still prepare pre-processor files for SRH-2D?

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Hi forum folks,

Does anybody know if SMS can still prepare the basic text input files for SRH-2D? I'd like to run my simulations on a separate machine like I use to do (back in the day). Now it seems like SMS is handling all coordination/communication with the SRH-2D solver internally... I see the potential benefits there, but while a simulation is running... I can't seem to use SMS at all.... So I'd like to have SMS prepare the input files needed for SRH-2D solver so I can run those on a separate machine, and or in the background so I can continue to use SMS tools...

Usually, when I post something like this, the functionality exists (and there's a big red easy button that I've been overlooking...)... hoping that is the case here.

thanks in advance!


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In SMS 12.2, you can export the simulation files without launching by right clicking on the simulation and choosing "Export". This will export all the simulation files to a sub directory where your SMS project files are stored. Dig down to the folder which has the name of the simulation you created in SMS and the exported files are there.

You can use the .srhhydro file (alongside the other exported files) to run SRHPre in the partial interface mode from a command line. Let me know if you run into any dead ends and I can shed some light on the process.

I believe there are plans for future releases of SMS to allow you to run a simulation without locking you out of the SMS project.


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Hi Cody.

This is the set of files I see in the directory after the "Export" :


when I run the preprocessor with option 3 and point it to the *.srhhydro file, it does some brief processing, then spits out these additional files (and closes the window abruptly):


The size of the *.dat file is concerning... and it causes errors in the solver routine..

So then I tried renaming the SOF to SIF and using that in another round of the preprocessor... That yielded a casename.dat file of the right size... which seems to work in the srh-2d solver. Is that the recommended workflow?


PS - Can I call you catbert? - at first glance, that's what I thought your username was...200px-Catbert.png.598af5cab77f77cd4fbecb6c8b7c7c17.png




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Dale, my mistake, I mentioned that you could run SRHPre with the "Partial Interface", which is Option 2. You are actually correct,  if you use the .srhhydro you want to use option 3 which is the "Custom Interface". I am not sure what happened when you ran the custom interface as this should generate the three files you showed and the .DAT file should be complete and not 0kb in file size. I'd be curious to try and run it to see what happened.

The renaming of the casename_SOF.dat file to casename_SIF.dat works with the SRHPre partial mode (Option 2) as you have noticed, but that requires that you have already ran SRHPre previously, since SRHPre is what spits out the casename_SOF.dat file.

In the end, it looks like that workflow worked for you...although I'm still wondering why the custom interface did not work using the SRHHYDRO file...


Yes, catbert is fine haha, that's a first

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After running the pre-processor with Option 3 - Custom Interface and entering the selecting the .srhhydro file, the srh2-d pre-processor window closes (by itself) and I get a zero KB casename.dat file. Refreshing the folder display... and presto! a full-sized casename.dat file. (So the procedure you suggested is great Cody,  thanks. sorry for the confusion).

The error I got in my earlier post seems to have been related to a mal-formed obstruction definition...


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