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PEST runs and Error are NOT shown in MODFLOW/PEST Windows


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Hello everybody

I encounter this problem from time to time with the latest version of GMS (10.3). When I run PEST parameter estimation, the runs are not shown in the MODFLOW/PEST window, despite pest is running and I can see the PEST files being updated. I am not sure why this problem occur?


Any help is appreciated.



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2 hours ago, Farhad said:

I have seen this. I think I solved the issue by changing my pilot points' values. 

Hi Fahad

I did not alter pilot points. Also when I take the model files and run GMS on a different computer I do not have this problem!

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When you run PEST on the computer with the problem can you see if another program is running: tail.exe? This program is used to see the text being written to the pest output file. I am assuming that there is something wrong with that program on your computer. I am not 100% percent sure this is the problem but it is worth checking.

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I have the same problem, I tried to save the project with another name, and tried to change the initial values of the pilot points, but the model detected OK, but finished with error ( without converging). Do you think if it is the problem with the transient data, or if there is any settings with pilot points, or the problem with the pilot points locations?

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