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Sediment Transport Problem


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I've been working with the current version of SMS and SRH-2D for some time now but am running into a bit of difficulty trying to interpret the results for a sediment transport analysis. As a precursor to a full blown sediment transport model, I put together a proof of concept model that I drew up in AutoCAD to test what is known about the site. This is just so I can get more immediate results prior to modeling the actual test site, knowing the time it can take to run such a simulation.

 A quick Summary of the site:

The river of interest has had a large sediment extraction, for a nearby road, in the form of a trench  which is what the below figures represent. Recent field observations suggest that the front side of the trench is filling with sediment while the back side is scouring. The end goal of what I am doing is to provide some time scale in which it will be completely refilled again.  


Currently, I have the parameters such that after a simulation, deposition occurs within the trench but erosion from the backside seems to not occur, contrary to what has been reported. I have used a wide range of sediment sizes from 0.125 mm to 20 mm, a range of discharges from 20 cms to 100 cms and usually 48-72 hours to see any changes. As a side note, I have run through the sediment transport tutorials that are offered through Aquaveo and used the sediment parameters from those tutorials as a baseline for my model.

Is there any general concerns I should have on drawings that I have imported and output results I get?

Also, is anyone familiar with any ideas on input parameters that could produce what has been observed? I am running out of ideas myself so any new approach I could try would be greatly appreciated.   

I also apologize in advance as I have not tried to explain this to anyone in detail so if there is any other crucial information that may be telling of this situation, I can happily provide more details.

thanks, Isaac








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