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Hi all,

I am attempting to run a MT3DMS simulation (and eventually SEAWAT, too) with MODFLOW-NWT, and MT3DMS reports this error:

Error Reading Flow-Transport Link File Possibly Caused by:

1. Incompatible Styles of Unformatted Files Used by MODFLOW and MT3DMS;

2. Unformatted Flow-Transport Link File Saved by Verison 1 of LinkMT3D

    Package Which Is No Longer Supported by MT3DMS.

Has anyone come across this before and has a suggestion on how to fix?  It may be related to a GMS bug (I am using version 10.3.5, 64-bit) as I have tried an older model that successfully ran MT3DMS last year on an earlier version of GMS, but that model now reports the same error.  I have contacted GMS support, but they are very busy and slow to respond, so I thought I’d ask the user forum to see if anyone had a solution.


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SEAWAT is based on MODFLOW 2000, not NWT. That may cause you problems.

Also, if you use MODFLOW-NWT and your model includes SFR, LAK, or UZF then MODFLOW will write an HFF file that is in a format the MT3DMS does not recognize and you will have to use MT3D-USGS.

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