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SRH-2D Progress Status window


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I recently came back to SMS/SRH-2d after an unfortunate TELEMAC period.

I previously used SRH-2D v2 and, during the processing, a window included a plot of the "residual monitoring" (figure). This figure helped me know the simulation convergence in real-time. 


However now that I am using SMS 12.2.12 with SRH-2D this window has disapeared... How can I get it back?

Also, is there any way to display the Courant Number and inflow/outflow in real-time?

I would be interested to know how the community follow the progress of their simulations. 


Thank you !




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I have included your questions below with a few responses:

  • "How can I get [the residual plot] back?"

What you are seeing was intentional. With the most recent SRH-2D the plot was removed. There is currently not an accessible way to turn on the display of this plot.

  • "Is there any way to display the Courant Number in real-time?"

You can't display this information in real time, however you can monitor the average CFL and Max CFL numbers as well as the residuals in the casename_INF.dat file that is output during a run. It is my understanding that the residuals are not a direct indication of stability and convergence during an SRH-2D run, someone can correct me if I am wrong.

  • "is there any way to display the inflow/outflow in real-time?"

As with the previous question, no. But you can monitor the inflow and outflow if you place monitor lines near the inflow and outflow boundaries by checking the monitor line report files (casename_LNn.dat) that are written during the run. Different ideas are currently being discussed about possibly including something like this, but it is still in the idea/discussion phase of development. If you have ideas you'd like to share about this topic and what you feel could be useful, please let us know, we love feedback.

  • "I would be interested to know how the community follow the progress of their simulations."

If by progress, you are talking about run stability, I do not have many suggestions, anyone else?

If you are simply wanting to know how much progress of the total simulation time has been made, usually this can be done by looking at one of the report files such as a monitor point or monitor line report file (casename_PTn.dat or  casename_LNn.dat). SRH-2D writes to these files every 100 timesteps throughout the simulation run so they do a good job of displaying where the simulation is with respect to the time of the run.





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  • 2 months later...

fwiw, I share Pablo's longing for a (better) way of monitoring simulation progress. I liked the old residual plots (been a few years since I did SMS/SRH modeling) - it was a pretty easy way of finding out if something was going wrong...  Now I open my .dat files in a text editor and watch for the values to converge... not particularly advanced or efficient method (shouldn't be that hard to have SMS read that text file and give you a graph?!). The new monitor point (limited to 2!?) functionality doesn't seem very helpful. (I get output like the screenshot below which doesn't really give me confidence (but the simulation was successful):




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