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Importing Mesh into HEC-RAS

Danny G.

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I am working with SMS Version 12.2 and try to import my created mesh into HEC-RAS.

I already read the providet tutorial and everything workt out fine.

But when i try the same with my own mesh I am not able to link the mesh with the HEC-RAS simulation ( Step 3.4 in the Tutorial).

It used to be an easy step but I can´t find a solution for this problem.

Any suggestions?


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Try going to the "Data" menu and choose "Switch Current Model...". From the options in the "Select Current model" you should choose "Generic Mesh" for HEC-RAS meshes. After selecting this you should be able to link the mesh to the simulation.

Let us know if that does not help.


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Hey Cody.

Thanks for your fast reply.

After switching Mesh as you suggested i could link the mesh.

But when i start to "launch HEC-RAS" the translation starts and can´t finish it. I waited quit a while.

My mesh contains 28629 nodes and 41048 elements.

Is there a problem with the size of my mesh?

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I wouldn't say that ~41,000 elements is excessive by any means, there is likely something else that is going wrong. It sounds like you aren't seeing any error messages or status updates during the process? How long have you tried letting it run so far?

I would recommend submitting these files to tech support at support@aquaveo.com so they can investigate and report any issues that could be occurring with the translator.


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