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I've recently started having some graphical issues with the use of the static tools (specifically, pan and zoom) and measuring tool. Whenever I initiate these tools, the graphical display does not respond for several seconds and the results of the tool function is delayed. For example, I do not see the zoom window that i am trying to draw.; the rubber arrow takes several seconds to display; the measuring tool takes several seconds to display the line representing the distance that I am trying to measure; among other glitches. The display windows repeatedly refreshes during each of the above tool functions.

These issues are exactly the same for my SMS software, as well. These graphical issues began right after the major update to my current operating system, Windows 10, in June 2017, which leads me to believe there is some incompatibility issue between the software and the OS.

The following are the troubleshooting measures that i have taken:

  • Open software as Administrator with all the permissions
  • Ran the Windows compatibility troubleshooter
  • Ran compatibility mode for Windows 7 & 8
  • Changed default settings for DPI scaling behavior.
  • Updated to the latest version (10.1.14, 11/9/17 build)
  • Rebooted --> this worked sometimes but not after the Windows 10 minor update this week

None of the above troubleshooting measures have resolved the problem, which makes using the graphical interface much more time consuming.

On the user end, I am inquiring if there is a system graphical setting that i can change. On the developer side, are there other user-support cases such as mine that Aquaveo is addressing in future software updates?

I appreciate any insight you may have to impart on rectifying this issue,


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Thank you for reporting your issues on the forum.  We sometimes run into these issues and we are usually able to help fix the problem with either a patch to the WMS software or are able to find a way to get your current version working.

One thing you could try off the top of my head is to go to the Edit | Preferences menu command and select the "Graphics" tab.  Select the "Software" graphics option, click OK, and restart WMS. See if you're still having the same problems.  If you are, I'd recommend contacting tech support.  They may be able to duplicate your problem using your files on one of our Aquaveo computers and we could get the problem worked out in the software.


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Thanks, Chris! That did the trick for WMS.

As  you know, SMS  does not have the graphic options that you described so I am not sure how to rectify the problem. In SMS, the graphics issue is the same no matter what files I am using so I do not think it would help tech support duplicate the problem if I sent them the files. It would probably be best demonstrated if I did a share screen with tech support or somehow show my screen & key strokes with image or video capture.

Thanks again,


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