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CE-QUAL-W2 - what am I missing?


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Hi folks, 

First time WMS user here, apologies if this is a simple question. I am following the tutorial here:

http://wmstutorials-10.0.aquaveo.com/35 WaterQualityModeling-CEQUALW2.pdf

and have a couple of questions. I have a simple lake, that doesn't not require any additional branches. Do I need to specify this in WMS, or can I skip this step? 

Second, when creating CE-QUAL segments under coverage I cannot build polygons, is it because they are not snapping to the lake extent? (which I cannot seem to get to work either). 






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With the TIN turned on, is difficult to tell from just the image if your segment coverage has a lake boundary defined by feature arcs (Tutorial sections 4.1 or 4.2 show two ways to create the boundary). 
If it does have the boundary, WMS has a built in snapping feature so that if you click close (within a couple computer monitor pixels) to the boundary, it will snap to the arc.
If it doesn't have the boundary already, you can create it by one of the methods in the tutorial referenced above and then recreate your segment dividing arcs keeping in mind that you must click close to the boundary arc to get it to snap.
Regarding your other question, I believe that you still need to specify the single branch as the main branch and go through all the steps to create segments, even if no other stems exist.
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Cody is right...you just need to have a branch and a segment coverage as described in the tutorial.  Both coverages need to be topologically correct.  This means that there are no intersecting arcs that don't have a node at the intersection and that any intersections snap correctly at a single node.  The basic feature objects and the TIN tutorials are listed as prerequisites for the W2 tutorial and I'd definitely recommend going through these so you become familiar with basic feature object creation in WMS.  I'd also run the W2 tutorial at least up to section 9 so you know how to setup geometry for a W2 model using the WMS interface.

I will say that the strong point in WMS is creating a bathymetry file.  After you've created the bathymetry file, it might be more efficient to switch over to the GUI that comes with CE-QUAL-W2 and use your bathymetry file with that interface to finalize your model.  You could also finalize and write out the model using WMS, but the file format for the W2 model exported from WMS will not necessarily correspond to the most recent version of W2.


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