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Sankar Subbayya

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The attachment shows the arc objects and the ADCIRC grid generated in SMS. Now, I would

like assign the boundary condition. Both the northern and southern boundaries contain

multiple arcs and so I grouped them as given in the Surface Water Modeling System,

Overview tutorial page 15. As given in section 11.2 of the manual, I tried assigning the

boundary conditions by selecting the Feature arc group toolbar and double clicking the

arc group. The boundary conditions options do not come on the menu as shown in the

attached Figure.

Essentially, I would like know how to assign boundary conditions, when a coastline segment consists of multiple arcs.

Any ideas?


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It looks like there is currently no way to assign ADCIRC boundary conditions to an arc group. I will report this as a feature request. In the meantime, assign each arc individually instead of using an arc group.

- John

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