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CLN well head results in binary file

Sean Czarniecki

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I would like to see head results at each individual CLN well in my model.  They are supposedly output into a binary CLN_HD file....but I can't seem to look at them in GMS.  Can anyone help me out here?  The CLN_CB file gets pulled in to the model after the run, but the CLN_DD, CLN_HD, and CLN_IB files do not appear to be.  This is time-critical - if anyone has a way for me to see these results, I would appreciate it.

(note that I'm using GMS 10.3.3 - I don't think that the CLN_CB file even got pulled into GMS 10.2, but I haven't fully looked into it)


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Right.  I have around 200 wells in my CLN network.  I need to see the heads at each individual well.  These values are output into a binary file.  I'm kind of shocked to see that GMS produces a binary file without reading it in afterwards.

Do you have a suggested way that I could look at the results by opening the binary file directly?  I'm looking at some free software, but it didn't seem to translate well.

This raises another question - when the solution contours are produced for display in GMS, do they take the individual CLN wells into account?  I have a feeling that they don't, even though that is one of the reasons to use the CLN package along with MODFLOW-USG (to be able to have multiple wells in one cell and not have them act like one well for the entire cell).

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The contours are the values at the Groundwater cells. I am sure that these are different than the heads in the individual wells. The value at the groundwater cell is affected by the CLN well but I am sure the head is different.

If you turn on print heads in output control and turn off saving heads to file, the CLN will get printed to the listing file. This will at least let you see the values but I am not sure that this will solve your problem.

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