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According to GMS wiki:  "Horizons are numbered in the order that the strata are “deposited” (from the bottom up)"

Using the command "auto assign horizons", i realized that GMS does´t follow that logic. If i understand it right, than GMS should start at the deepest Borehole and assigns horizon numbers. In my case it seems to choose the highest borehole(in elevation) in the area and starts assigning the horizons . As this borehole is also shallow a huge error is introduced, as horizon 1 is located high in the landscape and GMS, according to its algorithm(horizon to solids), fills up the areas below horizon "1" with its corresponding unit. Thereby it ignores all deeper occuring layers eventhough they are specified in the crosssections manually.

Is there a bug in the program or is it simply a misunderstanding of mine?

Looking forward for answers! 

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