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Model Checker with SFR2 Package


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Hello Alan Lemon,

Thank you for your reply on my messages and my requests. I would like also to ask if it is possible to add another issue to the Model Checker in order to recognize an error that related to the SFR2 Package. I have noticed that the Model Checker does not compare the streambed-elevation (ELEVUP or ELEVDN) with the cell bottom elevation in a similar way as it works with the River Package (RIV1). This means that even if the elevation of the streambed is below the cell bottom elevation, which may cause many problems in some models, the Model Checker still give the green message that there is “No Errors or Warnings found in model inputs”.

In order to clarify this issue, I sent you a very simple example as Attachment.


Model Checker with River Package.jpg

Model Checker with SFR2 Package.jpg


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Thank you Sean Czarniecki for guiding me to where I can find the errors related to streambed altitude in MODFLOW output file. I have also noticed that not all versions of MODFLOW write down this information in the output file. For example MODFLOW 2000 and MODFLOW LGR do not record such errors in the output file, while MODFLOW 2005, NWT, and USG write down this information under the section / STREAMBED PROPERTIES AND STREAM DIMENSIONS/ REACHES WITH ALTITUDE ERRORS.

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