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Can SWMM routing the Channel inside a basin ?


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By Rational Method we can build hydrologic Basin and compute subbasin flow as well  SWMM  can run the flow through the Storm Drain and watch the routing in channels .

1) can we route channel inside a Basin?


2) can we use Rational Method without define outlet point(point)  ? can we identify the channel ( Arc ) as output of basin ?

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  • aghamiri changed the title to Can SWMM routing the Channel inside a basin ?

SWMM  manual say's that: An idealized sub catchment is conceptualized as a rectangular surface that has a uniform slope and a width W that drains to a single outlet channel.Each sub catchment can be further divided into three sub areas: an impervious area with depression (detention) storage, an impervious area without depression storage and a pervious area with depression storage. Only the latter area allows for rainfall losses due to infiltration into the soil.

SWMM claims that visualize the sub-basin as v-shape basin but can't model an idealized sub-basin simply.

I am searching a method to define an idealized sub-basin. I will find it ... I know.



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