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SRH-2D Materials Coverage Errors

Gary Kimball

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Good Afternoon,

I am having some strange issues with SRH-2D Materials Coverages within SMS 12.2.9.  I created a materials coverage within SMS by converting a shapefile and the new materials file appeared to be correct.  When I modified some of the polygons (within the newly created materials coverage) and performed the build polygons function I got an error renumbering message and now some of the previously assigned material types seemed to have changed.  In addition, the description in the task bar at the bottom of the screen gives a different material type than I just assigned for some of the polygons.  I believe the assigned type is being used in the calculations, but need to look into this further to be sure.   It is taking a long time to assign materials (5-15 sec) to open the materials dialog.

Has anyone had similar issues or have any possible suggestions for a solution?



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Hi Gary,

We have recently encountered the "error renumbering..." message while working with some files of our own. It seems to happen while modifying the polygons as you have mentioned. This has been reported as a bug and will be fixed in the very near future.

I have not seen any issues so far with polygon assignments being different as shown in the task bar or any 5-15 second delays in opening the materials dialog, but we would like to investigate this a little more so we can resolve any issues that may exist. If you still have the files showing this behavior, and would be able to share them, you could contact our technical support team at support@aquaveo.com. They can set up a link to upload the files and look into this a bit further.



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