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Adding a shape file (ArcMAP) into GMS - Layering onto a TIN


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I'm trying to find a suitable work around for modelling flow pathways through abandoned mineworkings, some of which are above the water table (dry) and therefore subject to non-darcian flows.

My data, however, is a blanket of worked seams and lacking any tunnel or shaft data (the hope was to use CLN utilising this network data). I am hoping someone may have some experience with battling similar issues? The data is all vector data used in ArcMap and I've noticed that some files will transfer into MODFLOW easily (such as DTMs), yet others like TINS do not.

During the initial process, I have a few questions I hope someone with more experience may be able to answer.

1) How to site the workings at their respective heights using Arcmap shape files and TINs. (MODFLOW doesn't seem to like TINS but does recognise them). The shape files are divided by 20-50 meter barriers of solid seam (walls of major blocks), would this kind of shape file transfer when placed into MODFLOW easily distinguish between Open channel flow for the known workings, and a general value for the aquitard wall materials.

2) Once the workings are in place at their respective depths, is there a way within GMS to allow all surrounding lithologies to be generalised (i say this as the local geology is cyclotherms and is made more complex by the inclusion of coal mineworkings). I've included the 3D geology image below, exhibiting the space between the coloured seam workings.

3) Would the easiest way to produce connecting shafts between the various seams be by using wells?


Thanks in advance,



3D Geology.jpg

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The shape files I have (and there corrisponding TIN's) have depth data, yet I am still experiencing issues with adding each geological layer to the model.

Ideally, I wish to place 8 geological seams within 19 layers (the surrounding layers will be generic due to their complexity), they are not laterally continuous and therefore I think USG would suit the needs of the model best yet am struggling to embed the provided data.

Would anyone know of a guide to utilising GIS shape files as MODFLOW layers?

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