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Water Elevation at Monitor Points


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I have 8 monitor points set up in my model all within a monitor points map layer with the coverage type as Model, SRH-2D, Monitor Points.  When running, only the first 2 points are visually available in the Water Surface Elevation vs Time graph.  Is there a way to see the other 6 points in this graph (or any graph) as well?

Thank you.

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SRH-2D only plots the first two points in the graph while it runs and the model developer would like to remove that option to streamline computations.

However, the model creates an output file for each monitor point in the folder where the model runs.  You can open those at any time and see the values.  To get a plot you have to use something like EXCEL.

In future versions of SMS there will be an option to view any of the monitor point plots while the monitor runs.

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