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WMS "freezing" during HEC-RAS post proccessing "Read Solution"

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I am at the point where I am able to run steady flow analysis for my HEC-RAC .prj file. However, during the initial stage of post processing, WMS "freezes up" after I select HEC-RAS --> Read Solution. The message "(Not Respoding)" is displayed in upper region of the screen (see attached image). The 2 error messages (attached) also appear. I let this continue for 15-20 minutes before force quitting WMS.

Some history:

I was originally performing the analyses on my laptop, and was able to get a bit further in the process (i.e., the 2-D scatter point files were created) before WMS "froze" and indicated "not responding". Thus, I added the program to my desktop (Windows 10.1), transferred files, and attempted the analyses once more. On my desktop, when attempting to access my .prj files via "HEC-RAS --> Load Project", I am now given the same error message as above (this did not occur on my laptop). I am able to access open my .prj files, but in a round-about way (i.e., HEC-RAS --> Start --> Open --> select .prj file). I am not sure if this has anything to do with the issue. 

I created a new .prj file on my desktop, and reran steady flow analysis with the same results.  Any thoughts?

Thank you.


Frozen WMS.JPG


RAS Error 2.JPG

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Sorry about the problem you're having.  Did your model run to completion?  I'm not sure exactly what's causing the problem, and I've never heard of somebody with this problem.  I'd try moving your HEC-RAS project file so it's not on a network (to a place such as your "C" drive).  This might fix the problem.  If it does not, I'd recommend contacting Aquaveo Tech support with your files and a description of your problem.  Their contact information is here.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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