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I am trying to run a seepage and stability study on an earthen dam. I am using GMS 6.5 with SEEP2D to model the flows and then exporting everything into the new UTEXAS module to check the stability. I am running into an issue getting GMS to distinguish between saturated and moist zones when it creates the profile for UTEXAS. I realize UTEXAS doesn't automatically calculate different unit weights, but it seems GMS should be able to create two different profile lines for material above and below the GWT. Has anyone encountered this problem and if so how did you get around it?

Right now I am manually drawing the arcs that make up my piezometeric surface and regenerating polygons with different material properties. It seems there must be an easier way. Thanks.

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There is a round about way to convert your piezometric line to an arc in a coverage.

If you turn off the display of everything except the piezometric line and then right click in the project explorer and select the "Convert to CAD". Then if you right click on the CAD folder in the project explorer and select the CAD to > Feature Objects. This will create a new coverage that has the peizometric line defined as an arc.

Then you can select your Seep2D coverage and the new coverage and right click and select the merge command. This will create a new coverage with all of the objects from both coverages.

Now Select the clean command from the Feature Objects menu and then select the build polygons command. This should create a coverage that has separated the wet from the dry material zones.

Let me know if this will work for you.

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