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Feature Request- Parameter stochastic distribution within the aquifer


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I'm writing to ask if there is such a function in GMS stochastical modeling that can stochastically randomize the distribution of parameters within the aquifer. I know in GMS, we can randomize the value of different parameters (for example, to randomize the hydraulic conductivity K by defining the sampling range to produce several realizations). But I want to ask if it's possible to generate a stochastically distributed aquifer with one or two parameters being stochastically distributed within the aquifer (for example, K is stochastically distributed within the aquifer by following lognormal distribution, therefore, the aquifer is with different K values at different location, rather than the different constant value for different realizations). I think this may represent the natural heterogeneous aquifer better.

I know in HYDRUS 3D, it is possible to construct such an aquifer, but MODPATH is not supported in HYDRUS, therefore, I want to ask if it's possible to do it in GMS.

Thanks so much for your attention and any comments are welcome!


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