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Injection wells/artificial recharge structure in HEC-HMS


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Is it possible to model injection wells using HEC-HMS (or open pits to direct the runoff water into the groundwater aquifer as illustrated in the figure or any similar structure for artificial recharge  that direct the runoff water into the aquifer)? If possible, how to edit that within WMS?

Thank you so much


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You can specify a sink in HMS.  Any water that enters a sink just leaves the watershed and does not contribute to the watershed hydrograph.  I don't know if this is what you want, but this may be an option for you if you have something like this.  You could also model something like this using a diversion if you want some water to bypass the injection well and continue to the watershed outlet point.  In either case, you could not model what's happening with the groundwater using HMS.  You'd have to use some other model like GSSHA if you want to model surface-groundwater interaction.  Or you could run HMS and take the hydrograph from the diversion or sink and use this as an injection well input to a groundwater model like MODFLOW.

WMS has options to add sinks or diversions at outlet points. Just right-click on the outlet and select Add | Diversion or Add | Sink.  When you export the HMS model, the diversion or sink will be included with your model.

There's also a loss model in HMS called the SMA model that you might find useful for what you're doing.  The SMA model divides the losses into several layers or "buckets", such as the canopy, soil, and a couple of percolation layers.  Any water that exits the second percolation layer is assumed to go to the groundwater.  You could use the output from the second percolation layer to determine how much water is entering the groundwater aquifer from your watershed.  I don't know how you would use this method with an injection well like yours though.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you so much Chris for your kind help. Yes, the Add sink is the best option for the case I mentioned in the figure (or injection wells), I need to use a number of sinks at outlet points inside the watershed, but when use Add sink, it gives an error as "Must select the last outlet" which is not what I need. I would like if the Add sink work at any outlet point.

Best regards

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