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I hope I can explain this....

I made a small model with an area where I want to lower the water table for about 3,6 meters.

The permeability coeff. is around 5*10^-3. According to this the radious of influence is fairly long if I simulate pumping out with well.

Now, the problem is, as I understand, that for model to be realistic i should have a model which size is bigger the the radius of influence of a well.

Because if I define SPECIFIED HEAD on the borders of a model, i get an unrealisticly big amout of water that should be pumped out of model, because

MODFLOW is of course maintaining the water table as specified.

Now, my question is :

Is there any other way that I could simulate pumping out of a small model, which radius of influence is bigger than the model?

I hope i explained ok.

thanks for any help or hints,


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