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Stress periods defined as dates/times


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I experience the tool for defining stress periods as dates/times as quite buggy. Please refer to screenshot below.

First, there is a different format between the first row and the second two rows (month as number "10" instead of letters "Oct"). But the most significant issue is that the "length" changes to weird numbers when the date and time is changed. In the example below the first stress period has a negative number but I have also experienced zero as length. My workaround has been to not make changes as date/times by unmarking the "use dates/times" box, calculate the corresponding length between and then change back to "use dates/times". This works but not so convenient.

Another issue is that I have seconds as time format in my model but to get the length right I have to divide the seconds by 2 in the "length" box to get the date/times right.

Finally, the model terminates with an error when I use date/times but works when I am un-tickning the box mentioned above (not using date/times).

Any ideas on how to get these issues sorted out?

Kind regards,




Stress beriods bug.PNG

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Unfortunately I still experience the stress-periods as quite buggy. The images below show stress periods as date/times and as seconds respectively. The result is from a PEST NSMC simulation with a transient pump-test as calibration target. During the initial forward runs and PEST calibration without NSMC I did not experience the same issue with the date-time series. The simulation itself seems to work fine but the problem arises when creating graphs and comparing the simulated results with my observations. Since I think there is a bug behind the issue I would appreciate if someone from the GMS development team could look into it.

Kind regards


Stress periods date-times.PNG

Stress periods seconds.PNG

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