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Trouble with batch of water level maps


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I'm new to arcHydro, I'm been working with it for about a month now. I'm very please with its capabilities for the groundwater analysis. 
My goal is to produce water level maps for the aquifer I'm doing my master thesis on it for a period of 78years, on peak and trough which means 156 times. So I really want the batch to work. I saw here in the forum the 2 available example of toolboxes to deal with that problem however I don't have experience with python and I'm not sure how to change the script of the "Example Make Water Level Map.tbx" which is the most recent.

I was able to make my own model to produce the time statistic table, to them do a interpolation (IDW) and adding the raster to the catalog. It is working fine, but does not work with the batch. I attached here the toolbox I made for the model, the python script (using the export feature from the model builder), the figure of the  model, and a txt file with the details from the successful run of the model for one run and the error during the batch.

And I have a question: when my raster is added to the raster catalog is add with the symbology as stretched, I probably want to use the classified. Whenever I go int the properties of the rasterseries on the symbology I only have the option of RGB composite, Stretched and Colormap. Do I have how to change to Classify and use the standard deviation as classification? 

I  greatly appreciate any help. If any one prefer to help me via email my contact is fabianebarato@gmail.com 

Thank you




Water Level Model.jpg

successful run and error in the batch model.txt

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