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I'm trying to comupte TOPAZ using DEM 90 m resolution for Blue Nile area which around 300000 square Km

and i got this massage

"wmstopaz.exe      004595c9  Unknown                                     unknown   unknown" and there is a snapshoot of error massage in the attached file




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Your DEM probably has over 30 million cells, which is probably too many cells to run in TOPAZ.  I'd run your model using TauDEM using the parallel processing (Use MPICH2") option.  If you have a powerful computer with lots of memory and processors, that would be the best option for running TauDEM.  You need to select the button to register MPIEXEC your computer if this is your first time running this option.  You can select the default for the number of processors (4) or you can enter the number of processing cores on your computer, which I think is anywhere from 4 to 8 on computers nowadays.

Hope this helps,


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