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Hello everybody

I would like to know if there is a way to tell MT3D to pick up the same time steps i have in a transient flow model, i Have triend several options:

* i have an injection occurring only during 2 days, and i want to see the behavior of that injection (Nacl)  during 120 days within a field of injection and pumping wells

* the transient model of flow has been calibrated for most of the time steps

enclosed you can see the characteristics of the time steps

at the end I get only 26 stress period  in some case with many  time steps  (26 days) for the transport i dont understand why? though I need 120 day







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i really like the tutorials of GMS,  but you should put  more information regarding the time steps for transport models. which is not very well explained

if you want to decide the output time stes you should put in the column Max trans steps,( in the figure i used 120) and all the time i had a results of only 27 tstress periods, at least that numbre should be 400 or 500, in my case i have got a stress period each day, as i wanted, the model worked in maybe 30 minutes but the output times were as I wanted 120 , 1 every day to see the plume evolution once a day, dont forget to leave the column trans.step size =0 so mt3dms decides according to your output time


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