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Problem with importing of rasters

Petra Furychova

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I have problem with importing the raster (both in format ascii and also tiff). When I am importing those rasters to the empty GMS file, then I see the right z value of topography.

But afterwards when I try to insert  the same rasters to my model (already with grid and some coverages) - imported rasters have completely another Z value (change from 50 m to 200 m). Does anyone know what is the reason of this issue?

I am using licence of GMS 10.1.5 ( I have found that this problem was probably solved by the bug for licence 10.0.6 - so why then it occurs also in my licence?)


Thanks for any advice

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The bug fix in 10.0.6 had to do with an error converting the raster values from meters to feet. Are the values you see different by a multiple of 3.28? If you select the Display | Display Projection... menu item in your project, are the vertical units feet while the raster is in meters? It may be that the grid and coverages in your model are in the incorrect units and need to be adjusted. The display units should be the same as your planning on using for your model. After making sure the units for the display are correct the projection and units for the grid and coverages could be changed by right clicking on them in the Project Explorer, selecting the Projection | Projection... menu item, and adjusting the values. It also may be a bug that is specific to your project. If so, could you contact support@aquaveo.com? We will take a look at your files and see if we can figure out what's going on.

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