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Tracking particles in Modflow-USG doesn't works

Bastian Gutierrez

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I'm having some problems tracking particles in a USG groundwater model, because the particles stops in the edge of the cell and don't continue. Checking de mod-PATH3DU.exe file, the version in GMS is 1.0.6, but the latest one is 1.1.1. And if i replace it, GMS  stop working and the sorfware close. What can i do?

Another problem is with display options, because i tried to activate label in contour options (Ugrid), but it doesn't appear in the model, so maybe is a bug of GMS



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Contour labels for UGrids is a known issue and it is on our list to fix.

mod-PATH3DU is "beta" in the current release. Version 1.0.6 has multiple issues and there are some changes that we are implementing to support 1.1.1. We hope that the latest version of mod-PATH3DU will be more robust. When we have enough example problems that mod-PATH3DU can handle then we will remove the "beta" label.

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Hello Dear @Alan Lemon

Has the bug regarding the contour labeling for UGrid been solved? I am still using GMS 10.1.3. and have a strange kind of fear that if I download the updated versions, I won't be able to open the older versions on which my whole study depends. But this contour labeling is a serious problem for my studies right now so if this error was solved in one of the following versions of GMS I will download that.

I need your help. Thank you.



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I'm having a similar problem.

When i try to do the mod-path3D tutorial

I can do everything till the point  where we have to Run the mod-path3D!

It seems to me that my GMS version doesnt create the .plt files so i cannot see the way the particles travel.

Nontheless i can Open and visualize the same type of files on the sample folder!

I tried to Change the mod-path3D.exe by the one in the mod-path3D creators website but it doesnt work and crashes GMS.

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