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ADCIRC Pipes/Weir Barriers


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You may want to send this question to the ADCIRC Listserv, which is monitored by the developers of ADCIRC and other ADCIRC users. Instructions on how to join are posted at the ADCIRC website (http://www.adcirc.org/).


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Thanks, I already have posted on the list. I have also been looking at the code, and it is just wrong. The code asks for pipe diameters and then calculates a Volume flux through the pipe for the given head difference. Unfortunately, the rest of the flux values used across the elements are in L^2/T rather than L^3/T and are then effectively multiplied by the element edge length, I know it is actually integrated but the effect is much the same. This means that in a simple test I ran, 3 1m diamater pipes managed to allow enough water to pass so that using a 6m tidal range a 200 sq km basin could have an internal tidal range of about 3-4m. To get round this I have inserted a pre-multiplier which allows me to divide by the element length and multiply by the effective number of pipes I want. A crude but simple fix for now.



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