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Problem with hydrograph file


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I've been using MODRAT to model a system with multiple detention basins. I'm trying to optimize my design, so I've been tweaking some things and running the model over and over, and sometimes, after I run the model it will give me a message that says "This hydrograph file did not match the active hydrologic tree. Only hydrographs with names corresponding to names on the hydrologic tree were read." Once it happens I don't know how to get anything done unless I start from scratch and completely rebuild the whole tree from scratch. I don't know why this happens, and I haven't pin pointed any trends for when it happens. All I know is that after it happens, all the output file says is "Normal End of MODRAT" with no flows, no information. Any help?

update: I've found that it will run without that message, and will give me the one liner output file. So they're probably unrelated. All I want is an output file. It happened again when I ran it after I saved and reopened it. It worked fine before I closed it.

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The message just means that somehow the location/lateral names that are stored with the hydrologic tree in WMS do not match some of the locations/laterals written to the .sol file, which WMS reads the hydrographs from. It is hard to say why this is happening without taking a look at your files. Please send them to support@aquaveo.com with a description of the problem and the steps for reproducing what you are seeing.

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