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Errant unit conversion of rasters and grids


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I am experiencing a problem with unit conversion, which occurs sometimes when I bring rasters into GMS as GIS layers, and sometimes when I interpolate the rasters to a 2D grid.

All of my inputs are in meters. All of my inputs have the same projection, with a coordinate system that uses meters. All of my grids and grid frames are in meters. My project document units are set as meters. Everything is in meters. Everything is supposed to be in meters.

And yet, when I bring in some .tif files, all of the values in the GIS layer are multiplied by 3.28, and under Properties/Min and Max Elevation, the units show up as feet. I don't want anything in feet.

I thought it must be a projection issue, so I hunted through my grids, and discovered that the Grid Frame, which I'd built under Map Data, was defaulting to No Projection/Feet. So I fixed that, and saved the project file. And I'm still having exactly the same (very frustrating) issue. Yes, I could just divide my inputs by 3.28, but that's the kind of workaround that makes me seriously reconsider my life choices.

Any help? Is this a display issue that doesn't actually affect the way the program reads my data? Is there anywhere else I can look for errant unit designations? Is there a check box somewhere that I need to deselect? Is this a legacy effect from the formerly incorrect units of that one grid frame (which these rasters shouldn't be interacting with anyway)? Should I just burn it down and rebuild?

I truly appreciate any help!

Update: It looks like the numbers are being re-converted before getting into the HDF5 file, so it appears that the display units are wrong... but inconsistent, and I still can't find a toggle that might be telling the display to change to feet with some files. Also, the numbers aren't quite correct - they are about 20% off. So, I have a test recharge raster, with a constant value of 2.8*10^-5 m/d. It is displaying as 9.2*10^-5... feet?...in the 2D grid, and then the value in the HDF5 file is 2.2*10^-5.

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