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Usage of LandXML file in SMS


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Below is the XML coding produced by Autodesk Civil 3D (2014) Surface-> Export to LandXML

Statement:  The information provided on SMSWiki.com under SMS: LandXML Files nor SMS: Importing Non-native SMS Files adequately answers the following question.
Question 1:  Is the Code in Lines 1 through 15 acceptable to SMS or does it need to be modified in some manner?


Statement:  xmswiki.com/wiki/SMS:LandXML_Files states "SMS only supports a subset of the LandXML definition specific to TINs".  For me this implies a user should be able to use a subset of LandXML code to build a finite element mesh.
Question 2:  Which is the correct dialog for importing Land XML for creation of a Mesh?
    A. File Import Wizard dialog 
    B. Open FIle dialog 
    C: Raster Module: File Menu
    D. OTHER ___________________________


Supporting Data for Question 1

1 <LandXML xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.landxml.org/schema/LandXML-1.2 http://www.landxml.org/schema/LandXML-1.2/LandXML-1.2.xsd" date="2016-10-17" time="20:18:26" version="1.2" language="English" readOnly="false">
2 <Units>
3  <Imperial areaUnit="squareFoot" linearUnit="foot" volumeUnit="cubicYard" temperatureUnit="fahrenheit" pressureUnit="inchHG" diameterUnit="inch" angularUnit="decimal degrees" directionUnit="decimal degrees"/>
4  </Units>
5  <Project name="Drawing1.dwg"/>
6  <Application name="AutoCAD Civil 3D" desc="Civil 3D" manufacturer="Autodesk, Inc." version="2014" manufacturerURL="www.autodesk.com/civil" timeStamp="2016-10-17T20:18:26"/>
7 <Surfaces>
8 <Surface name="Surface1" desc="Description">
9 <SourceData>
10 <PointFiles>
11  <PointFile fileName="E:\Point of Rocks\GroundPnts.txt" fileType="binary" fileFormat="xyz"/>
12  </PointFiles>
13  </SourceData>
14 <Definition surfType="TIN" area2DSurf="1330991.3807042495" area3DSurf="1341545.7138338764" elevMax="327.5002" elevMin="223.1566">
15 <Pnts>
 <P id="2">586199.63080000004 1160529.2918 232.331</P>
 <P id="3">586209.21459999995 1160532.2709999999 232.674</P>
 <P id="4">586215.34889999998 1160533.4086 232.661</P>
 <P id="5">586221.1361 1160535.4223 232.5182</P>
 <P id="6">586228.00619999995 1160537.1247 232.462</P>
 <P id="7">586236.18019999994 1160538.9667 232.7337</P>

<P id="1098">588738.60719999997 1161420.3648000001 317.2374</P>
 <F n="2 41 3">2 13 74</F>
 <F n="3 4 1">2 3 13</F>
 <F n="1 6 2">2 74 3</F>
 <F n="5 44 2">3 47 13</F>
 <F n="6 7 4">3 4 47</F>
 <F n="3 9 5">3 74 4</F>
 <F n="8 10 5">4 5 47</F>
 <F n="9 12 7">4 8 5</F>

<F n="2154 2148 2136">1096 1097 1098</F>

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Here is an example of a landXML file format that SMS can read, you can use it as a guide for formatting yours. It looks like for the most part you have all the necessary components, you may just need to add a line or two and make sure the formats match.

To answer your questions:

Q1: If the XML file is not able to be read by SMS, please use the attached file as a guide as there could be some incorrect formatting.

Q2: The open file dialog, is how you would read in a landXML file.

Correction: SMS may be different than other programs you have worked with. It views TINs and Finite Element Meshes as different data types. TINs in SMS could have several uses, however one of the more common uses of a TIN surface in SMS is to provide an elevation surface from which a finite element mesh acquires it's elevations. The two data types are usually overlaid and elevations from the TIN surface are assigned to each node in the finite element mesh using an interpolation process.

simple road3.xml

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