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Run Code Convergence Issues


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Many times when I run a model I get an error saying code converged, and to try lowering timestep.  However I get down into the 0.1 second time steps and my models take way to long to run (almost 9.5 hrs on the last one).  So what does this convergence actually mean and are there other things I can do to help with this problem?  Maybe increase or decrease mesh density? any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi Ryley,

I'd suggest that you start troubleshooting by reviewing the mesh geometry. You can use the mesh quality display options and/or the mesh quality scatter set to check mesh elements and find poorly formed elements or other similar issues. I'd also recommend reviewing mesh element elevations by turning on and inspecting elevation contours. The other thing I would look at are your boundary conditions to check for reasonableness and/or errors. If there are issues related to any of these items you may be able to set the time step to a slightly larger value.


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