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When I go to run my model I get an error that says

ERROR: input file does not exist! name: mycasename.dat


note: the "mycasename" above is what ever I named the case in the Model Control.

anybody know whats causing this or how i can fix it?  I believe its something with the culverts I modeled in my boundary conditions because when I remove them from the boundary conditions (make duplicate and delete culverts but keep inflow and outflow arcs) the model then runs without this error.  Any help would be great I attached a word doc with screen shot of the errors

SMS error.docx

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Thank you for the screenshots. The error you mentioned is more of a secondary error, the message of not finding the simulation data file "mycasename.dat" typically indicates that SRH-PRE did not run correctly, therefore the data file was not created.

The real error is what is shown in the second image in your Word Doc. where the SRH-Pre messages are listed.

This error could mean there is a problem with the SRH2D boundary condition coverage, specifically the culvert arcs, as you have mentioned. Rebuild a new BC coverage identical to the first and use it in your simulation. If this is related to the issue I am thinking of, it will be fixed with the release of SMS 12.1.8.

If rebuilding the coverage does not work, please contact technical support at support@aquaveo.com where they can troubleshoot your model files further.

Best regards,


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