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Exporting graphs in HEC-HMS


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Yes, there are lots of ways of exporting the results from HEC-HMS.  One way is to just go to the Results tab and select the node you want the results for, then select Time Series Table and copy/paste (Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V) the data from the table into a spreadsheet for plotting.  You can also always screen capture the plots from HMS.  There is also a custom reporting tool that uses a .xsl template file to create a report using HMS-computed data.  When HMS runs a simulation, it creates a DSS file in the directory where your HMS model is stored.  You can read this DSS file into HEC-DSSVue.  HEC-DSSVue has several tools for plotting and creating reports from DSS files.  That's all the ways I know of to get your results from HEC-HMS into other programs for creating reports.


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