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error while trying to import xyz file to SMS


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I have XYZ ascii file that I am trying to import into SMS as scatter data so that I can interpolate to mesh. While importing, it goes well until it starts to triangulate when I get an error message that says: 

Other errors encountered:

---malloc failed: xms::triPoolInit


---Error: Unable to triangulate.


What might be an issue? The ascii file that I am trying to import is 5 GB, and has more than 130 millions points. Could the size be an issue? Thank you very much.

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Size is the issue.

MALLOC is a memory allocation error, generally associated with not enough memory.

I would try a subset and see if that imports, then look at the memory usage to get a rough idea. If you import 20 million and SMS is taking 8GB in memory, you'll know theres no way you'll get to 130 without a beast machine.

 Remember, its trying to triangulate so its going to be much larger in memory than the original text file. If you are not using all the points anyway I would filter or interpolate them to a larger spacing.

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