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Software Update GMS 6.5 7-18-2008

Alan Lemon

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An updated version of GMS 6.5 is available for download.

The following bugs were fixed in this update:

1. GMG model not running in 6.5

2. Save As cause MODFLOW error - Karen Madsen

3. Map->MODFLOW Lake Package - Katherine Owen

4. Horizons->3D Mesh - Joseph Miller

5. MODFLOW files won't read into GMS - Phillip Durgin

6. Stream Package Crash

7. HFB Package Barrier Mapping - Matevz Pavlic

8. MODFLOW files that won't run through GMS - Chunming Yu

9. Horizontal Flow Barrier Package Reset Button - Matevz Pavlic

10. Overwritting specified heads in Starting Heads dialog

11. GMS Contour Legend Crash - Jacob Birk Jensen

12. Contour Options crash - Jacob Jensen

13. Merge Cells Hang - Ravi Palakodeti

14. FEMWATER Concentration File Confusion

15. Can't open project file in 6.5 - Eric Morway

16. Drawdown computed incorrectly - David Carlson

17. Solids to HUF Hangs - Jarrko Okkonen

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