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Two questions in FEMWATER


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Hi everyone, I have two questions in FEMWATER.

First, I simulate a practical river problem in detail, so I need to set the ”hydraulic conductivity of the river bottom sediment layer”. It is written in code (the ” River boundary conditions”), but I can’t find it in FEMWATER. 

Does anyone know why it doesn’t display? Now, I change the soil material properties of elements to simulate river bottom sediment layer, but I think it isn’t good enough. River boundary conditions in FEMWATER Manual p.97&98.

Second, I practiced the FEMWATER- Flow Model provided by GMS10.1 Tutorial. “Defining the Material Properties” in p.18, the point 5: Enter “1.8” for Max. height above water table. I think the meaning is “minimum pressure head” in solution. But in fig.11 it reaches about “-40”, so I think it has to enter the bigger number to satisfy the model. Is it right or wrong?

Thanks. :)

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There actually is not a River Package in FEMWATER. It is documented and there are code fragments, but it was never completed.

For materials properties, the max height about the water table (yes, minimum pressure head, e.g. -40) is used in defining the unsaturated zone curves. The unsaturated curves must be defined between 0 and the maximum height specified (e.g. -40). At distances further above the water table (e.g. -50) the unsaturated zone properties are assumed to be the same as at the maximum height (e.g. -40). So you only need to specify in the unsaturated curves for the region where the properties are changing.

By the way, I found that linear interpolation of the unsaturated curves was more stable than the spline interpolation option.

Hope this helps.




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