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Drain package question please


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Dear all,
Thanks for taking time to read this email. I am a beginner for GMS, and I am wondering to simulate a scenario of groundwater extraction from a trench, which package should I use? For a local scale, model set up 2km ᵡ 2km, the trench size is 100m long ᵡ 3m wide ᵡ 2m deep, I am using LAKE package to simulate a dewatering process, is it correct? For a large scale, model set up is 50km ᵡ 40km, the trench network will be around 20km long ᵡ 3m wide ᵡ 2m deep, should I use Drain package? And for Drain package, the only attributes are elevation (-2m below ground level), and Conductance (Carc=k/t*w), then how should I input the pumping rate please? Sorry for these stupid questions, but really appreciate for your kind answer.
Best regards,

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