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Error less message in GMS 7.0 MODFLOW


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Hello everyone
I am using GMS 7.0 for MODFLOW simulation with a system having core i3-2350M processor and 6 GB RAM size for my study area of 2500 km2 comprising of 68 well locations within it. It is a canal command constituting of network of canals. The networks of canals within the model area were put as drains. Two out of four boundaries are main canals, one is a river and the rest is the dike of a reservoir. Dike of the reservoir has been mentioned as head dependent flux boundary and the rest of them have been mentioned as specified head boundaries in the developed model for which the head-stage values were put at different nodes. For assigning the layer to the specified head and drain arcs, “auto-assign including lower cells” option has been chosen from the model menu. The well layer is ranging from layer 1 to layer 2.

While the model checker was operated, it showed two errors namely “changing head boundary is below the bottom elevation of cell” and “starting head is lower than the bottom elevation of cell” which were fixed with “Fix layer errors” button by selecting the average method.  Then the model was run under steady state condition and the contours were generated. After this, the model is responding no more.  When I am trying to view the head contours, or view the water table in side view or view the flow budget, a message less error (a yellow triangle with exclamation mark within and “OK” sign at its bottom) is coming every time in the window and it lies there despite my several attempts of closing it which leads to the forceful shutdown of the system. please some body help me sorting it out.

Attaching the snapshot.


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