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SMS can't find .dat file


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I have various simulation runs within SMS 12.1 to demonstrate natural, existing, and proposed conditions. To create each, all I’ve done is duplicate the simulations, boundary conditions, and meshes and then renamed and edited them for the new scenario. I’ve run 6 different scenarios, and none have given me a problem. The most recent one I created however says that it can’t find the .dat file and crashes after it fails to run and shuts me out of the program. I created this one the same way I created the others and can’t figure out why it can’t find the .dat file and keeps crashing. If I run the model check it says nothing is wrong, and then a few seconds later the program just closes. I’ve searched the forums and can’t find anything on this issue! Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, or if you could point me in the right direction for help that would be great! Thank you!

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i have many problem in running RAM2, and i can not fix it

 Problem inside COEFS routine. Do 410.  
     Element=      1 Gauss Pt #  1 out of NGP=  9 
     Divide by DETJ=        0.00000 
     J11-J22-J12-J21=   0.78773E-03   0.55709E-03   0.39520E-03  -0.43921E-03 
     Check for bad-element shape... Stop in COEFS 
 Nodes, (X,Y) Coord of Corner Nodes on this Element 
           9   30.57340       31.41940     
          38   30.57480       31.42010     
          39   30.57410       31.42130     
          10   30.57250       31.42050    


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