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ADCIRC spatial attributes

Mark Prater

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Hi all,

I'm trying to load a spatial attribute file (fort.13) into SMS (v10.0.3), but SMS does not offer a "file type" for fort.13, athough one for fort.21 (friction) is included. The xmswiki described how to implement the attributes after they've been read in, but how do I read in the fort.13 file?

Thanks -- Mark

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I might be wrong, but it is always worth a try, doesn't SMS load in the fort.13 file when it loads in the fort.15 file? I think in the past when I have used the spatial attributes function it has done this, although I may be wrong. If you just have a fort.13 file and no fort.15 file then just create a new fort.15 file with a new spatial attribute linked to it and then just change the resultant fort.13 file to the one you want and re-read the fort.15 file back in and it "may", hopefully will, read in the fort.13 file as well.


PS If it doesn't work it shouldn't have wasted too much time trying :)

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I am sorry to clutter your thread but I was unsure where else to post it.

I am currently working with ADCIRC v46.32 and need to have it read in fort.13. I have created a test fort.13 file and it reads the following:







2.5E-3 1



24 1.0

25 1.0

26 1.0

31 1.0

32 1.0

33 1.0

38 1.0

39 1.0

40 1.0

Upon running ADCIRC I receive the following errors:

ERROR: The Model Parameter File (unit 15)

contains invalid name: quadratic_friction_coefficient_at_sea_floor

ERROR: The Nodal Attributes File (unit 13)

contains invalid name: quadratic_friction_coefficient_at_sea_floor


Error 1083: unexpected character in integer value

Location: the READ statement at line 525 of "nodalattr.F"

Unit: 13

File: ./fort.13

Input: quadratic_friction_coefficient

1. I do not understand why it says its an invalid name.

2. line 525 wants to read in the NumNodesNotDefault, which is present (value of 9)

Any help would be much appreciated. Feel free to reply here or email me at etang858@gmail.com or eetang@ucsd.edu

Thanks so much,


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After looking at the ADCIRC documentation nothing jumps out at me. Have you tried posting to the ADCIRC listserv? ADCIRC has a very active community and they have been very good at responding to questions in my experience.

http://www.adcirc.org/ There is an ADCIRC listserv that may be useful to keep up-to-date about the latest releases of ADCIRC and to post any questions about ADCIRC. It is adcirc@listserv.unc.edu. If you would like to join please email Crystal Fulcher.

- John

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From: Jason Fleming [mailto:XXXX@email.unc.edu]

Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 12:34 PM

To: coastal circulation model

Subject: Re: Re:[adcirc] Fort.13 reading problem

This issue has been resolved ... it was caused by the presence of preceding spaces in the attribute name ... this was a compiler dependent issue in old versions of ADCIRC (v46). This is not an issue in the latest version of ADCIRC.



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