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I am trying to create a multi layer model using data from previous studies. One previous study has rasters for the layers I will be using, where the projection gives planar distance in meters and elevations in feet. I went to Edit | Units and made sure they were consistent with the projection. Now, when I make a coverage (Streams, e.g.) and set it up to use the Streams package, the input values (Streambed Conductance, e.g.) are in m^2/d but the data I have is in ft. The original model I am looking at for guidance reported that they were able to use feet. How do I go about changing the units for my coverage inputs?


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It sounds like you want to use ft for your model. You should change the units in Edit | Units to ft to get the model and coverage inputs to be correct. To get the values from the rasters in feet you should set the display projection to the projection and units you want use for the coverages and grid (using the Display | Display Projection... menu item). GMS will automatically convert the raster data to the display projection when interpolating from the raster. More info on this can be found in the Projections/Coordinate Systems tutorial (http://www.aquaveo.com/software/gms-learning-tutorials).

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