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Dear GMS support,


I have a mudflow model in GMS and I want to apply the CFP package to it.

I have read the tutorial of unsupported packages in GMS but it does not answer my question.

First question:

I don’t have the mf2k5cfp_h5.exe’ executable, that is mentioned in the tutorial. So where can I get this?

I only have cfp version 1.8 from the usgs site.


Second question:

And if I have the abovemention executable can I than create the CFP input file and add it to the NAM file  of the model and open is in GMS again to start the simulation?  Can you explain the steps please?



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Hi Kryah,

I found the executable at C:\Program Files\GMS 10.1 64-bit\models\mf-cfp_h5.exe. It installs automatically with GMS. You'll be able to modify the .NAM file to reference the CFP package using the Name File Dialog. As mentioned here "For any package not currently supported in GMS, the file associated with that package will be ignored when the model is imported. However, GMS keeps track of unsupported packages it encounters when reading the name file and, when the project is saved, GMS lists the unsupported packages in the name file and copies the unsupported package files from the old directory to the new directory." Once you've referenced the CFP file you should be able to run the MODFLOW simulation.

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