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2D mesh number


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Please can anyone help me on this?

When I try to build 3D mesh in FEMWATER, an error message is shown stating that there was a problem in 2D mesh node number. Renumber the mesh and try this command again.

Please can anyone help why is this error shown?

Thank You

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The FEMWATER/GMS mesh has some bugs. Not all element types work. You should use hexahedral elements. Also there is an issue with the mesh node numbering. Here are my notes from some time ago;

"*.3dm: Geometric data. For regular hexahedron elements, this file can be generated by program “argusmesh1.f” or the Matlab script MakeMesh1.m. Otherwise, it can be generated using GMS. However, there is a bug in FEMWATER with regards the element orientation specified from GMS, and the elements must be rotated 90 degrees. I will write a Matlab script to do this."

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Hi Alan. I was checking back through my ancient notes, and the elements issues might be only for transport, it seems the Lagrangian particle tracking approach only works for hexahedral elements. It's a long time ago. I think I might have used octahedral elements at some point for testing, but never the tetrahedral ones.

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