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Assign Water-Level Observations from Wells to Aquifers

Bruce Campbell

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I've got several thousand wells with single or multiple groundwater levels that I want to use for model calibration purposes. The problem is assigning the wells to the 5 aquifers in the model. I have coordinates and the altitude of the top of the top screen and the altitude of the bottom of the bottom screen. We constructed the framework for the model in ARCHydro so I don't have solids in GMS.  Is there an automated way to assign the wells to the aquifers or is it one-by-one by hand? But maybe there's a way to do it ARCHydro?

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Got a solution using the Multi-Node Well1 (MNW!) package. Set the MNW1 package coverage up using the top and bottom of the well screen(s) and map the coverage to MODFLOW. Switch to the IJK view mode in the MODFLOW MNW1 package and there are the layer assignments (K).

I          J      K      Name

475    513    3    AK-  28
396    536    3    AK-  30
478    62    3    AK-  31
476    59    3    AK-  32
292    261    5    AK-  36
274    298    5    AK-  37
384    198    3    AK-  38
243    291    3    AK-  41

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