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Applicability of advection solution schemes


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Just came up with a question regarding where to apply different solution schemes for the advection package activated in the MT3D or RT3D model, and the cases are based on the tutorials

1. Can someone please explain further why we choose the Standard finite difference method for both the Sequential anaerobic degradation and BTEX degradation with multiple electron acceptors, MMOC for the Rate-limited sorption reaction, MOC for both Instantaneous aerobic degradation and Double-Monod model, 3rd order TVD (ULTIMATE) for all MT3D tutorial cases, etc. 

If there were relevant recommended reading resources, that would be greater.

2. In the Rate-limited sorption reaction tute, what is the meaning of changing Max. number of cells any particle will be allowed to move per transport step to 2 in the Particle dialog of the Advection package? 

3.  How to save multiple solutions as a .rts file like what it supposed to import in the Rate-limited sorption reaction tute. Because each time I ran the model it would overwrite the existing solution with a new solution of both Aqueous and Soil given a certain mass transfer coefficient. How to come up with a solution with different runs (i.e. different mass transfer coef in one solution file?



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