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Problem with RMA2 spindown


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I'm trying to use the Rma2 spindown tool in sms to solve some convergence problems for a stream model.

The stream has two boundary conditions:

-upstream: constant flow of 0.05cms

-downstream: a transient tidal level with a peak of 1.64m

The highest point of the mesh is 5.61m

As I have read in a previos post I should use rma2 spindown tool to aid rma2 to converge with hotstart boundary condition.

I have a question: as  I have a transient boundary condition in the water level I cant figure out if the spindown tool is suitable for my problem because the data needed for the steering process yo begin is a % of the desired final water level in the boundary condition (in my case it's 5.61m/1.64m = 342.07%).

Is that correct?

I also tried to run the model with a constant level (in stationary condition) and tried to run the spindown and I set my 342% in the spindown data entry and nothing happens. The program opens two charts and it stays in iteration 0 of 50 and never ends. A steering file is created and also a steering status file  where it says 

running Gfgen 1...

Run began at time 15:32:0-18

After 40 minutes nothing changes.

I think the tool doesnt work properly.

Can you help me??



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