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Mark Prater

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I have an ADCIRC mesh whose open ocean boundary extends from Maine, through the Gulf of Maine into deep water, and ends near Delaware Bay. I am having two problems assigning tidal boundary conditions (I'm using SMS 10.0.3).

(1) When applying the LeProvost tides from the Model Control/Tidal tab, all the boundary nodes along the first 100 km from the coast of Maine to the middle of the Gulf of Maine (in 100 to 200 m of water) have zero tidal amplitudes and phases. This occurs for any constituent. Is this a known problem with shallow water application of the LeProvost tides? Any suggestions?

(2) When trying to apply the ADCIRC tides from the Model Control/Tidal tab, a tide acquisition program seems to abort (the initial error window is only displayed for a second). The message says something like

Image PC Routine Line Source

adcircnwattides.e 0040E382 Unknown Unknown Unknown

adcircnwattides.e 0040E183 Unknown Unknown Unknown

adcircnwattides.e 0040D344 Unknown Unknown Unknown

adcircnwattides.e 0040D5BE Unknown Unknown Unknown

adcircnwattides.e 00408494 Unknown Unknown Unknown

adcircnwattides.e 00401321 Unknown Unknown Unknown

adcircnwattides.e 00432859 Unknown Unknown Unknown

adcircnwattides.e 00427EB4 Unknown Unknown Unknown

kernel32.dll 7C816FD7 Unknown Unknown Unknown

The "tides.in" file appears correct, but the "tides.out" file is empty, and another error window appears with the message "Error reading tides.out file". I've re-downloaded the ADCIRC tidal database from the ems-i ftp site, and have checked the file locations in the Preferences menu. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, -- Mark

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