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Questions regarding Managing Transient Data tutorial

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I am a junior learner running through the general tutorials of MODFLOW, GMS and have come up with some confusion relating to the steps.


1. What happen to the right part of zone 3 with a constant recharge rate when importing csv file automatically matching zone name? The other zones are assigned correctly except for this part of zone 3.



2. In the tutorial it states the stress periods should match three changing point of recharge rate, i.e. 1/1/1986, 1/3/1986, 1/7/1986 (actually it is four including 1/10/1986). What is the purpose to set 1/5/1986, 1/6/1986 and 1/9/1986 etc. since no change takes place at these time? In addition, this should assume all the recharge polygons have the same changing points of rate over the space, so what if we have different change in time of these zones, say 1/3/1986 for zone 2 and 1/4/1986 for zone 3 etc. How to set stress periods for this scenario?


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For #1

I just tried this in the latest version of 10.1 and it seems to work fine. I get a time series for both polygons with the label "zone 3".

For #2

There are other stresses in the model (wells) I assume the stress periods are trying to capture those changes. Your second question... You can can create more stress periods to capture the effect of the changes you describe.

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